Keyword Tool IO (Free) – The free version will generate dozens of sub-keywords based on the main one you enter. What’s also cool is that it has keyword generation not only for search engine optimization and Google, but also Amazon and Youtube.

Ubersuggest IO (Free) – What’s cool about Ubersuggest is that it generates up to 10 keywords for each letter of the alphabet and numbers 0-9. Super useful for getting quick related keyword ideas.

Long Tail Pro (Paid) – This paid tool kinda does the above things, only faster, together, and with a lot more results. If you’re serious about generating massive amounts of keywords, this may be worth looking into.


Hostgator – You can get started with some specials and discounts as low as $3 A MONTH. This is crazy. And they are so easy to use when setting up your own blog or website. Highly recommended.

A Small Orange – I no longer recommend A Small Orange because they haven’t seemed to grow at all since I’ve had them. While other hosts change and update often, I haven’t seen much of this with ASO. I still use them and like them, but no longer recommend them.


Fiverr – Probably the most cost-effective way to get content written. Make sure the content they create IS UNIQUE. Most state this right in their gig. You could also get them written on Upwork, an outsourcing site.

The Leading Articles [No Longer Updated] – Years ago, this was one of the best sites to get MASSIVE spinnable articles. When I say massive, they would contain 10,000+ words for super spinnable articles. The site is still around, but I don’t think it’s been updated for some time. There are some great articles within it though, so it may be worth looking into. You can also UNSPIN your articles within the site, and they are actually decent, readable quality.

Article Spinners and Rewriters – I no longer support or suggest the use of these types of tools. While they do have their uses in possibly getting backlinks, I would NOT suggest them for your money site. The content that these tools put out is generally garbage, no matter how many times they say it’s “natural sounding.” Spinners and scrapers are NOT HUMAN and they cannot match the unqiuity of the human mind, no matter how many synonyms they replace or sentences they “rewrite.” Use these services if you wish, but do so knowing that they probably won’t make you look very professional in the process.


Wealthy Affiliate – A solid affiliate marketing platform. This program helps you build great looking affiliate websites, how to get them filled with content and affiliate links, and even how to get them ranked in Google. Highly suggested.